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New For Computer Courses

National Institute of Business have the honor to inform students are studying or those who wish to study computer short courses, which can be used in business and employment, institute courses and persuade popular features and usability and administrative jobs such as computer repair, design, Business Manager, Website Develop, Spss, Advance MOS.
More information: Tel: 012 65 30 61 / 010 67 02 20 / 012 70 33 21
Scientists are studying options comprise
Learn Computer Repair
- the installation of computers
- change the broken dried
- Install and uninstall apps
- install the Sun Machines
Learn to Word, Excel, PowerPoint
- a letter of administration
- Manage employee salaries
- Manage sales calculations
- presenting advertisements
Learn Quick Book
- Sales Manager - Purchase
- Financial Statements
- cash payments and reports
Other monthly income spent
Studies Advance Excel
- sales management buy-in
- Employee Payroll
- Stock management
- Related and Other calculations
Program Analysis SPSS
- Analyze market data unit
- Storage management analyst
- analysis of economic data
- Analysis on business
Learn Microsoft Access Applications
- Learn to make and extract reports
- Learn to create applications to run the company The school restaurant Guest
Photoshop Design
- Basic and Advance Tool
- How to use Color
- Banner,Brochure Design
- Animation
Website Develope
- Photoshop Template
- Apply Style Code
- Full Of Website Project
PHP and Mysql
- Basic Code
- Code and Design
- Mysql Database and PHP
- Apply Code and Design
ISO 9001-2008


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